09 March 2007

I don't understand....

what negative imagery could be derived from this post at SWAC Girl's blog. The Gathering of Eagles at the Vietnam Wall is and was a wonderful idea, no matter where it originated. I post this in full support of SWAC Girl. I will borrow from her original post to illustrate my point:

"A Gathering of Eagles" will take place on Saturday, March 17, 2007, in
Washington, D.C. at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial -- "The Wall." Thousands are
planning to attend and surround The Wall to protect it from anti-war protesters
who threaten to vandalize it
. Many thousands more would like to attend ... but
for one reason or another are unable to do so."

I freely admit that I do not have the complete story, but from the face of it, there are no derogatory remarks aimed toward our Vietnam Veterans. There are no negative remarks period. Keep up the wonderful work SWAC Girl!!!!!!

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