28 March 2007

ODBA Archived Posts

As promised, I am continuing with my little pet project of rouding up posts from the past from ODBA members. This time I am blogging about the Right Wing Liberal and posts that I consider to be noteworthy and important to the debate in the Virginia Blogosphere. On to the posts.

From December of 2006, Iraq: Bush Didn't Lie After All , outlines the argument for WMD in Iraq and why inspectors and forces didn't find evidence of them during the immediate aftermath of the regime change. This post is a must read for all conservatives and those who desire to hear the truth.

From February, Why we cannot abandon the Iraqi people, is a strong and effective post for not abdicating our responsibilities to Iraq and its people. Again, a must read post. I'm impressed with the breadth and depth of the analysis included in these posts.

And I'll include a series of posts that D.J. has entitled, Jim Webb's Foot-In-Mouth Disease. I'll include three posts that are indicative of the quality of this series and that really illustrate the depth of incompentence of our junior Senator. I point to Exhibit One, Exhibit Seven and Exhibit Eleven.

These posts are just a few examples of the talent within the ODBA. I will say that I am looking forward to more quality posts from the Right Wing Liberal. Next time I will be looking at SWAC Girl's offerings.

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