12 April 2009

My post-mortem on L'affaire Frederick

Of course, mine is just one among many post-mortems floating out there, but here's my subdued take.

1.) This was a railroading. To deny it is to deny the fact that Jeff Frederick should have had a say at the Convention that elected him legally and in accordance with party rules.

2.) My fear is the replacement scenario is about to turn as ugly as the L'affaire Frederick. Allen? Out I guess. Goode? He's speaking at the Constitution Party's next quarterly meeting. Who does that leave? Back at square one.

3.)The question then becomes, why even have a Chairman to begin with. The SCC had removed this man without even a hint at sharing the process with the rank and file. Why not turn the SCC into a GOP Politburo?

4.) Whoever is appointed or elected needs to make their candidacy public and explain how they will build bridges instead of how they will build ivory towers.

5.) The more prominent bloggers in the Commonwealth have essentially shown their allegiance. That's fine. I'm going show mine in my posts.

I would submit that this episode can be recovered from, but at the expense of one long time GOP man in Washington County.


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