14 April 2009

The Next Ruby Ridge?

The Bravo-Sierra that this administration is putting out continues to get worse by the day. This post at Red State has a link to a frightening PDF that the Obama administration did not want us to see. Please follow the link and the link inside the PDF and read the document. I'm afraid we'll be seeing another Ruby Ridge before NObama's term is up. Evidently the Department of Homeland Security believes Obama's ethnicity and the economy "present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization and recruitment." Unique drivers?  Oh, by the way, this is supposedly "law enforcement sensitive" information. Read the alphabet soup next to each paragraph. I have a copy of this document if you want it, leave a comment or email me.

The big catcher? The agency admits that it does not have concrete proof of possible illegal activities. It's only source of information? Political rhetoric in the public arena. That's it. The whackjobs that Obama has in his administration are scary. Their targets? Much like the Missouri report, Ron Paul supporters, Constitution Party activists and other constitutional conservatives are targets for these nuts.

First, we need to pray that this sort of information is NOT indicative of Obama's intentions. Second, we need to speak up, loudly, and often. Write letters to your Senators, your Congressmen, your Governor, etc. Whatever it takes to nip this in the bud.

UPDATE: Another target for the DHS? Disgruntled Military Veterans

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