01 April 2009

Letter to Congressman Boucher

Not that it will have any effect whatsoever, but below is the exact text of a letter I sent to Rick Boucher recently.

Congressman Boucher:

I’ve attempted to contact your office several months ago concern three disturbing trends that the President and this Congress seem determined to extend. To put it bluntly sir, the President and this Congress is mortgaging America’s future for the present. I’m not impressed. Our children and grandchildren deserve better than a multi-trillion dollar national debt and trade deficits that almost equal it. The way Mr. Obama throws money around, I wish he’d throw some my way. I’d appreciate a bailout.

Secondly, the social agenda that Mr. Obama is pursuing is dangerous and contrary to what I believe is right. I am not alone in this belief. The taxpayer funding of the murder of pre-born children and the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research are reprehensible in my estimation.

Finally, I’d like to ask that you prove to the Ninth District that you are not in Cecil Roberts’ back pocket and vote down the abomination called the Employee Free Choice Act, better known as card check.  This legislation and the principle behind it are from Stalin’s gulags and Hitler’s concentration camps. Employee free choice? What is so free about removal of the secret ballot in organizing drives?

Thank you for your time


Charlie Fugate

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