01 April 2009

Thanks to Obama, GM is now Government Motors - Kingsport Times-News Online

The quality and the veracity of the Kingsport Times News editorial board never ceases to amaze me. Today is no different. While J. Todd Foster and his Gang on Morrison carry water for the environmental extremists, the Times News consistently provides clear, hard hitting commentary on current events. Today’s subject: Our President, Obama Hood, or as I like to call him, the Spender-in-Chief. To quote the first paragraph:

Not content with managing the executive branch of government, President Barack Obama has decided to run General Motors. But the notion that Obama and his economic advisors — none of whom has run so much as a candy shop — can determine how one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world should be operated gives a new dimension to the term hubris.

There’s a saying in Southwest Virginia about politicians : “He couldn’t be elected dogcatcher.” Well, Obama is showing his ineptness again. He couldn’t be elected Chairman of ANY Board of ANY reputable company, but this is seems to me to be the height of arrogance.  Hubris? Somehow that seems to generous.

However, the author asks two incredibly pertinent questions regarding this government take over of GM.

1.) Where, exactly, does President Obama derive the power to fire GM CEO Rick Wagoner and replace the majority of the auto giant’s board of directors?

2.) Where will this unprecedented intervention by government into the private sector finally end?

As to question #1, the President has no legal, moral or legislative authority to do these things. His arrogance knows no boundaries. Question #2 is harder to answer, but there seems to be no end in sight.


Thanks to Obama, GM is now Government Motors - Kingsport Times-News Online

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