03 May 2009

Cuccinelli – For the Record

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John Brownlee's Inaccurate Rhectoric
The Cuccinelli Record

Dear Delegate,

As I have stated numerous times in previous emails - at some point in this campaign, one of my opponents would launch mischaracterizations of my record. I expected as much. Given the record of the last year I'm not surprised that such attacks would come from John Brownlee. John has on more than one occasion taken inaccurate liberties with the truth in mischaracterizing my record.

John is out of bounds in his attack that I am somehow against E-Verify (a program established to ensure illegal aliens don't get hired). His attack is patently false - and like other attacks, John Brownlee also implies that I'm somehow soft on illegal immigration.

It's pathetic especially since it's aimed at me, the one State Senator in Virginia who has been more successful than any other State Senator in getting legislation passed at curbing illegal immigration - but folks - desperate campaigns in desperate situations - well, they do desperate things. It sure would be nice to run positive, issue oriented campaigns and when you have issue differences, to accurately state them. Unfortunately, John Brownlee isnt doing that.

For the record - I do not oppose any effort to verify the status of someone's legal residency. Unlike John Brownlee, I have a proven record in the State Senate opposing illegal immigration.  No where in my comments did I say I opposed E-Verify. But don't believe me - long time party activist, VFRW member and party leader Helen Blackwell was there - and this is what she said: 

"No where in Ken's comments Saturday did he say he opposed E-Verify.  In fact, he recited his record supporting E-Verify in the State Senate. Ken said that they have not yet been able to get E-Verify out of Committee in the State Senate, and he suggested that an approach he would support would be to have the state government go first, then require private employers to use E-Verify. Ken said generally that he believes that the government should first impose requirements on itself before imposing those requirements on business."

Amazingly, John Brownlee's lack of research has missed an important point. Working with then Attorney General Bob McDonnell, I actually PASSED legislation REQUIRING that all state government contractors hire only legal residents of the United States and for the first time, giving the Commonwealth the ability to FIRE contractors not in compliance. As simple and straight forward as that sounds - this was an enormously difficult bill to pass in the Senate. John didn't mention that in his email. Another case of false rhetoric versus the actual record.

Our campaign is moving into an unbelievable level of activity with growing support statewide (hence the attacks). We are focused on our winning message - a message for conservatives, and a message for all Virginians. I'm in this race to protect Virginia's families from the continued oppressive federal government that seeks to rule every aspect of our lives - and our pocket books. To stop the waste in Washington from trickling down to Richmond. To end the tax and spend - and spend and tax - and to keep Virginia's working families safe.

To learn more on my record, and the facts, explore this website.

Ken Cuccinelli II  


I have known Helen Blackwell (a woman of integrity) for over a decade now. I’ll wager if Helen said Ken didn’t oppose it, he doesn’t oppose it. I’m sorry, but playing a little fast and loose with the truth is no way to get elected in my book!!!

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  1. Again, I'd like to see more elected's out of the SWVA.... but Cuccinelli's voting record is stellar, and I support him fully!

    Brownlee vs. Boucher now that's a race I'd like to get involved in!