02 May 2009

So, it’s only $11 million right?

In another example of old school, pork barrel politics, Boucher and the usual suspects (Warner and Webb) announce $11 million for a water resource project at the John H. Kerr Reservoir and Philpott Reservoir. It never ceases to amaze me  that our politicians in Southwest Virginia continue the old Byrd style pork games that made Byrd so popular, almost everything is named for him in WV.

With all due respect to Congressman Goodlatte’s proposal to scrap the Internal Revenue Code, spending reform must be the first priority. After that, abolish the Fed and return a hard currency system to its rightful and Constitutional authority, Congress. Then and only then can we think to undertake reform of the deeply flawed and unconstitutional income tax.

As to Mr. Perriello, I will leave comment on his actions to the voters in his district.

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